Quick and Easy DIY Kitchen Makeover Ideas

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Is your kitchen in need of some serious TLC? Here are eight cost-effective ways you can revamp your kitchen over the course of a weekend.

1. Concrete Countertops Create industrial faux-concrete countertops with a feather finish concrete countertop kit.

2. Faux Granite Countertops Turn your laminate countertop into a convincing faux granite surface. There are many affordable granite paints on the market that make this upgrade doable on a tight budget.

3. Add Crown or Trim to Cabinets Give your cabinets some height and texture by adding a crown or trim. As long as these additional pieces are painted in the same color scheme as your cabinets, no one will ever know they are DIY!

4. Painted Cabinets Rejuvenate a dingy kitchen by painting cabinets with a fresh coat of color.

5. Open Cabinets Not the cabinet type? Ditch them for good and opt for an open format that will show off your tableware. For added interest, paint the back walls of the shelves a bold accent color or cover them with a fun wallpaper.

6. Backsplash There are plenty of ways to approach a new backsplash, but for a quick fix project, try using peel-and-stick tile decals above your sink, stove, or countertop.

7. Sink and Faucet Want to upgrade the appliances and gadgets in your kitchen? Start with the sink. Relatively inexpensive compared to other kitchen swaps, a pristine new sink (or even new faucet hardware) will make things feel a bit more modern.

8. Lighting Your kitchen’s drab appearance may have poor lighting to blame. Try a new light fixture or under-cabinet lights for a quick and simple solution. See? With just a little time and some trend-driven motivation, you can get any kitchen look you want.

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